Saturday, January 1, 2005

Movie poster house dungeon

I standing in the living room in a little two-story house in an older suburban neighborhood. It reminds me of the quaint two-story homes that they have in the West End, where I used to live many years ago, in Winston-Salem.

It is a beautiful, Spring sunny day

I hear a knock at my front door.

It is my friend Stuart.

I am surprised to see him. He explains that things hadn't worked out for him in New Mexico, where he moved a few months ago. He had sold his place and was going to get another one out West. Until things got settled, he wanted to stay with me.

I show Stuart around the place. Each room is done up with a theme and includes posters from my movie collection.

As we look around the house, we talk. I explain that, somehow, I had bought the house outright.

I tell Stuart that I'm not working full-time for anyone and have enough money to live on for a couple of years. My plan is to write and work on films to try to make a go of it for two years; if it didn't work out, I'm going to look for a job in this new town.

The place isn't ornate; just simple and tasteful. There's a "studio" where I have my computer and some video editing decks (with some posters from documentaries); a nice living room and dining room that are open and bright with high ceilings. *It's where I keep my best posters that I want to show off.) There's also a "library" room full of my books, cd's and movies and a nice comfy chair for reading.

I show Stuart to his room -- it's on the second floor, across from my bedroom, and it's called the "Fellini" room. It's decorated with some posters from Fellini movies. Stuart seems very pleased.

We talk and work out an agreement where Start would help me build a dungeon in the basement of the house while he stayed there.

It was good to see Stuart there. I felt some really good vibes from his presence and missed him since he had moved away.

"Make yourself at home," I say, "My house is your house."

And then I woke up.

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