Friday, May 27, 2005

Squirrel Chestnut Football

I am standing in the middle of a football stadium.

But this isn't a real football stadium.

It appears to be a giant board game.

I see people in the crowd, the grass, and the lines on the field ­ all are painted flat on cardboard. There’s a large plastic orange goalpost up ahead.

I hear the sound of a whistle, the rumbling of the crowd, and a PA announcer. The sounds are tinny, like a speaker on a small electronic game.

"Hut! hut!"

A player throws me the ball.

The ball is a chestnut, the size of a football.

The other players are squirrels, as tall as I am, running and bobbing about on their hind legs. They are dressed in blue and red football uniforms.

I run, dodging the squirrels, left and right, as I make my way up the field.

I am supposed to pass the chestnut, but I don't know which player to throw it to.

I'm confused.

I throw the chestnut high into the air.

It bursts into a flurry of fireworks ­ bright white, red, blue and green.

I hear the sound of the tinny speaker crackle. The crowd goes wild.

Then I woke up.

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